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in the faceAnother offering at Society6. This is one of my faves because it’s something I have to remind myself of so often. Life is constantly evolving around you, moving, shifting. Promises made are easily broken. Expectations exceeded or met with disappointment. People surprise and delight you, lift you up to a better place. Or they let you so far down you don’t know how to climb back up. That’s the dance. We’re all in it up to our eyeballs. The trick is to not let fear rule you.

Yeh, you’ll be afraid. You’re supposed to be afraid sometimes. It’s what moves and motivates us in less-than-the-best circumstances. But don’t let the fear get inside you and take over. Develop a healthy relationship with your fear. When it shows up, say, “Oh hey! I was wondering when you’d get here.” And learn what it has to teach. Yet, be watchful. Fear likes to be a bully and get inside your head to feed on AllTheThoughts. Don’t let it. Part of your healthy relationship with your fear is that you have to push it back sometimes. And when it doesn’t want to let go of you, you know what to do …


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