my approach to pinterest

Wow! Pinterest has proved to be freakishly addictive! Sometimes I just go there for a little visual vacation partway through the day and I get lost in the beautiful images. My own approach to it has come through the lens of a curator. When I find an image that I find singularly beautiful or inspirational, I’m seeing it in two ways. The first is on its own, with an appreciation for its beauty and wonder. The second is as part of a larger gallery of images, being one of my boards (or even more than one). For example, on my board dedicated to the worship of Ulmo, the Lord of Waters, I don’t just want to pin a bunch of waterfalls or ocean shots. If an image makes me stop and think, or stop and stare, I do that first. Then I think about whether it fits with the other waters on the board. To my mind, the photos are all different but each celebrate something wonderful about water, so you’ll find snowflakes, rain, dew, waves, oceans, rivers, waterfalls, etc. When I go to that board, I can almost smell water – I can definitely hear it in its many forms. I think Ulmo would be pleased.

There are getting to be a lot of boards in my little corner, so I should probably give you some idea of why they exist. Each board applies to a category in my world: Colour Inspiration; Palette Inspiration; Concrete things or phenomenon; or Conceptual. The boards have funny/crazy/whimsical/eccentric (take your pick) names but they all fit against these “keystones” for me.

Colour Inspiration boards are dedicated to that one colour in all its gorgeous hues, tints and shades. The “slurping purples” board contains all kinds of purples from lilac and magenta to deep blue-purples and aubergine, and “shiny happy place” is a celebration of yellow from citron to deep gold. Right now, there are boards for purple, yellow, orange, cream, and blue that incorporate all facets of the colour. Then there are what I think of as “colour stops” – very specific colours that don’t have too much running room before they become another colour. These are colours like lime, magenta, salmon, hot pink, white … each of which has board to itself. You could do that for any very specific colour you wanted to like lemon, cerulean, fuschia, whatever appeals to you and makes you smile.

Palette Inspiration boards explore the range of colours in palettes that I find continually inspiring. Right now there “desert and sky” which looks at all manner of combinations of aqua, turquoise, teal, orange, red, salmon, coral, orange and earthy colours like cream, brown, taupe, etc. Colours that make me think of my time in Sedona, AZ. Of course, I have a “peacock love” board to delve into the many different ways that teal, blue, green, gold, purple, blue can come together. It’s almost endlessly enjoyable for me to look at these images and chase new ones. Particularly fun have been “fireline,” which looks at greys with orange, yellow and red, and “tango,” the same warm colours against black (with the addition of complimentary images of the dance).

Concrete things or phenomenon sounds the most boring but it’s yielded such delicious results. The “waters” board is so refreshing and “bridging the realms” has become like a wonderful dream. There really is inspiration to be had from things like doors, streams, gates, steps … You really never know where the next idea will come from. Of course, I’ve done ones like “echoes of middle-earth” and “hobbit holes” to satisfy my ravening Tolkien-geek side – nothing is better than fun combined with inspiration! 😀

Conceptual boards are so interesting as well, and created for a variety of reasons. The “faerie dwellings” board kind of birthed itself and grows organically, but “moments in zen” is constructed very deliberately. The former is given to whimsy and delight and in the latter, I’m looking for images that capture moments to lose yourself in. The “times lost to me” board is actually pretty undefined for me but I love it. If it strikes a chord with you, I’d love to hear about it! I’m really trying to rein it in but as other concepts unfurl, I’d like to do more of these.

Ok, so there’s my little concept-map. When you’ve got some spare time and are looking for some inspiration, I hope you can find it in my nook over at Pinterest. And, if we’re linked on Facebook or Google+ and you want an invite, let me know. I’ll be happy to send one along.

‘Til next time, may you be surrounded by peace, harmony and inspiration. ❤


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