the hardest client of all

What’s on the worktable? Aside from some editing and book design projects, my own logo is lying around. I thought I had the concept perfectly formed in my wee brain but once it was sketched out, as is often the case, the stuff on paper didn’t really match the brain-vision. It looked rather more Olde English(e) than I wanted it to. It wasn’t speaking to me. And I’m one of those weirdos who insists the design talks to her before it walks out the shop door. (Ok, truthfully, I’ve let things loose that I detested, but the client loved and that’s what matters. They’re my ugly children roaming about the world.)

I’ve never had a client worse than moi. No one has ever been more demanding, more filled with revulsion for my own work than I have. I have high expectation for my children; Ph.D. worthy accomplishments from each of them. So, the first draft of logo designs went bye-bye and something new is starting to emerge. I’ve got another logo design project in the burner, so hopefully I can soon wipe the grime off of this one and send it out to play all neat and squeaky clean. Demanding mothers can be awful, so let’s hope it doesn’t end up with control issues like Hoover. :/


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