advent calendar … kind of

Larry starts the party

Although I did spend a few years with some nuns in nursery school (ha, guess I’m dating myself by calling it “nursery” school), I’m not a Catholic. However, because I did spend that time in a Catholic environment, I do love the ceremonies and holy days of the Church. Advent is such a lovely time of year but I’m not getting religious on you! I just love Advent calendars and all the fun things that lie in wait behind the doors and shutters; sometimes they are beautiful and meaningful and sometimes they’re Chocolate. Mmmm. So, this year I’d like ot take a stroll with you from now until Christmas. Advent started on November 27th, but let’s start our calendar today!

Each day, I’ll add a new bird and a new item to the snowy trees. Contribute to the adventure! Drop me a line on Facebook and let me know what the next item should be (it’s a family show, so keep it nice).

Today, we’re starting off with Larry. He’s your average finch-about-town. Loves a nice drink on the perch, goes home to his comfy nest and plays “Pass the Worm” with the kids. You know, bird stuff. He dropped by his after-work spot to hang his pals for a bit and brought his favourite shiny snowflake for the tree. It’s not lilac or anything, so don’t get any funny ideas. It’s “Winter” purple. Yeah. WINTER. And Purple. Ok. Got it? Very manly stuff. Sheesh. (Seed-tender, pass him a strong one.)

Larry won’t tell you, but I will, that his ornament is actually the property of one “Sneaky” Jackdaw. He won it from him at the snail races many years ago and it goes on his tree at home every year. Gives him that winning feeling just looking at it. Plus he loves the Winter Purple – such a great colour on him.


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